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To Preserve & Promote Persian Culture & Zoroastrian Religion
A Zoroastrian Music Portal For Philanthropic Works.                                                                 

Home is established for 2 reasons;

1. To share Persian & English Zoroastrian cultural music in a more contemporary & modern form.
2. To contribute all proceedings from donation to talented Zoroastrian students for their education.

While this web site and music it contains, belongs to every one of our Youth we would like to dedicate the songs in its entirety to the following;

  • To our glorious Past with humility & humbleness just to keep in mind who we are; Children of Mantra Zarathustra & Cyrus the Great and where we all come from; The land of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds with Righteousness & Love for all humanity.

  • To our hopeful Future with so many highly educated young Zoroastrian men and women to be the Good Leaders of their societies in decades to come.

The producers welcome any comments, feedback and constructive advice for the betterment of this philanthropic initiative. We do welcome anyone’s feedback and value them.  

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